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Q: Is battery included?

Asked by erberes on 2020-05-11 04:29:15

pappu_lqf Yes

2020-05-14 04:07:28 Helpful (2)
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erberes 15/06/2021
Super fast shipping (EU warehouse), excellent packaging (original one). A small form factor switching mode PSU with lots of power and with excellent functions. The user interface is very intuitive, the supplied manual is hardly ever needed (maybe switching off the annoying beep with long pressing OCP is the only exception). If it's not heavily loaded it's also completely silent (fan is stopped). Some of the good functions: 1) It has hard on/off switch (so no active electronics is powered when switched off). 2) It has output switch (so when powered on it does not immediately outputs voltage, you can adjust first without unplugging). 3) It can work in both CV and CC mode (in which mode it drops voltage till current is decreased to the limit). 4) It has also OCP mode (in which case unlike in CC mode it switches off the output instead of reducing voltage). 5) It has good resolution and 2 memories. 6) It can be SW controlled (USB stick received with SW, I have not tried it). 7) It has USB charging output. 8) Cables (both power and USB) are reasonable length and quality. Being a switching mode PSU it has big spikes in the output though. The RMS value meets the spec, but as we know it tells just a small part of the story. Luckily it seems that the core of this is shared among several other products so slowing down the MOSFETs works also here (2x~33Ohm+2x~47nF, there is video about that if you search). With 27Ohm+47nF I could reduce the RMS from 12.7 to 3.7mV and Pk-Pk from 281.1 to 83mV in a noisy environment so PSU is not the only noise contributor (as there is no free lunch probably it has also slowed down the load response that I don't care). Another issue is that the rotary encoders could be better de-bounced from SW. In short: This is a very good feature packed and powerful PSU that has all relevant functions for a reasonable price and if needed can be modded to be even better (it won't be still a linear PSU though if you look for very low noise output).
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erberes 14/04/2021
Shipping was super fast due to EU warehouse. Thanks Banggood. Product matches description (GOKU HM600 VTX, Caddx Ant camera etc). Documentation is decent (the PDF file that can be downloaded), but there are some gaps, so it requires that you know how to search on the net. This is a pretty good setup that arrives almost ready to fly (requires antenna plug in, bind and if you prefer some Betaflight setup like GPS rescue) but VTX gets very hot too soon. This happens even if output power is reduced to minimum via BF CLI with "set vtx_power = 1" and then "save". (You can similarly change band and channel "set vtx_band = x" and "set vtx_channel = y" and "save" if you prefer to keep your settings also for next start.) I don't think it's normal that in a ~22 Celsius room the RF chip on the Goku VTX gets so hot (with 100mW output power) that its temperature exceeds 121 Celsius (see infra cam picture) while setup is made. This can destroy the chip very quickly. Also when closely inspected, a capacitor seems to be hand soldered after the rest (flux residue is not removed), that points also to some issue that is fixed as an afterthought. In short: I fear that VTX (RF chip) won't last long since on a warm day as cruising speed most probably cannot cool the chip enough and also it can get hot while you're waiting for GPS lock. I look forward some Flywoo feedback on this (or even a replacement if the VTX is faulty). Apart from this I think it's an excellent quad especially if you wish to stay below the 250g limit (works even with 850mAh battery) with reasonable flight time.
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erberes 13/08/2021
Bangood shipping was excellent as usual (fast with reasonable packaging). Thanks. The product quality is outstanding. The expressLRS system is probably the best option today, especially for LR as due to the smart utilization of channel it can use more RF power per bit as other systems. It's a pity that extra power distribution board need to be used due to T-lite limited power available for extension (I've tried to leave it out as I never need more than 25mW output power but I had no luck and the supplied wires were too short for this option to be sure that plugging was safe; perhaps the reason why I also had no luck with this kind of setup). I had to use my own double sided tape for the power distribution board as the supplied one was too small for the PCB and also it was not thick enough (I didn't want to risk that something at the bottom punches through the tape and reaches the metal top of the internal RF module). I also had to remove the double sided tape tower pushing the internal RF module as it was in the way of the distribution board. All in all the placement of this board is the weakest part of this whole setup. Assembly of the external module was easy, it's better to place the thermal pad directly to the PCB where it can somewhat stick and not to the painted metal case where it does not stick at all (although this is how the pictures here show). Although there is a power wire but I did not need that so assembly required no soldering, only plugging. Building the firmware was flawless. The Lua script was complaining some version mismatch and I had set force use so WiFi update could be triggered. The WiFi update was also flawless and after that Lua script is working excellent without version issue.
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