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Alberto Imade the purchase of two drone H501S engines on 22/11/2018 (order: 57601843) and on 12/24/2018 (order: 59097234) H501S CCW and Banggood sent WRONG. Banggood sent CW (WRONG). I contacted support and REPORTED THE SHIPPING ERR. The support informed me that the label was wrong and that the engine was CCW. As I could not differentiate between CW and CCW, I contacted the Hubsan website and was informed that the engines that were shipped were CW and not CCW as per my request. I WILL CONTACT THE BANGGOOD CSERVICE, and they claim it is out of warranty and can do nothing. DO NOT BUY ON BANGGOOD THEY THREAT THE CUSTOMERS.

mmazz 05/12/2018
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Q: Manual em portugues(br)?

Asked by Alberto on 2018-08-02 07:59:55

Rigmarolewas not yet

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Alberto Motivo 1: Nosso correio é um lixoMotivo 2: Nosso correio é um lixo, lixo, lixo, lixo....Infelizmente essa é a realidade dessa "nossa" tão conceituada empresa. Os corruptos estão acabando com os correios do Brasil. A postalis já era.. quem paga o prejuizo, o Trabalhador dos correios. Enquanto isso os gestores indicados pelo "Temeroso" contam os dólares às escondidas..

Mesquita 25/03/2018
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