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Q: Is it compatible with iPhone 11?

Asked by Adesire on 2021-08-29 02:29:06

RobertH Yes. This works great. I use the USB for my Apple Watch and the Type-C for my iPhone 11.

2021-08-30 10:52:15 Helpful (0)
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Q: Does this fit the Creality 3D® CR-10 Smart 3D Printer?

Asked by BG182253483 on 2021-06-10 08:39:13

RobertH This is huge and will fit the CR-10 and the control box.

2021-06-11 02:25:16 Helpful (0)
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Q: do you send it to Europe, activated by u?

Asked by BG512511191 on 2021-05-23 01:47:08

RobertH The one I got (I live in Finland) could NOT have the DJI Care Refresh added because the drone serial number indicates it is a product sold in China, and the DJI Care Refresh MUST be the same country as the drone. If you live anywhere other than China, you will not be able to activate DJI Care Refresh purchased in another country. My drone was also used, with the DJI FLY app indicating "TIme in Service" as 38 days. I do not know if this means the "new" warranty is still good or if it was applied to the original person or account that activated the drone and it now has no warranty. Be careful if you are considering buying this. Double check if this is also still valid: the first person who activates the drone will ALWAYS be in the DJI database as the first owner. Your information (personal data, flight logs, etc.) is appended to this original file, but as of this writing DJI does not have a way to delete the original owner and their logs from their drone database.

2021-05-23 02:50:08 Helpful (2)
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