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NeonoAFS it is possible that there is an error in their software for this it is necessary to reset, for this you first need to unpair with your cell phone, then turn off both sides at the same time while they are in the case and turn both sides on at the same time in the case.

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Q: this is good for gaming like free fire?

Asked by Neeraj kandpal on 2020-02-22 04:41:49

NeonoAFS Yes. It works with games too

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Q: se puede controlar el volumen desde los audífonos?

Asked by BG478155054 on 2021-11-06 03:04:51

NeonoAFS You can control volume through your phone or the FYE 7

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Q: É possível que cada um dos 2 fones conectem em celulares diferentes ?

Asked by victoradriano11 on 2019-11-18 06:37:52

NeonoAFS Sim. Basta parear os lados de cada um em cada telefone. Eles funcionam de forma independente

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NeonoAFS Coloque na case, abra ela e segure os botões dos fones até uma luz roxa piscar. Assim vc reseta eles.

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Q: Does it work with YCC365 app?

Asked by TERIS77 on 2023-05-01 11:38:13

NeonoAFS The app used is JXLCAM

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Q: support Xiaomi mi stick tv 4K?

Asked by Kotis32 on 2023-05-01 11:52:41

NeonoAFS No. Don't have hdmi connection

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