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Q: can it also take 3.5 inch Props?

Asked by mupfel11 on 2021-05-15 04:26:19

BG535461171 No there is no space between the 3 props , but you can purchase the evan 3inchprops.

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blakey17 Inav mounting direction is only for the flight controller this is a GPS compass module it does not matter what way you mount this item as long as the antenna is facing the sky the antenna is the bit with the small dot bump in the middle. It only detects Directions North ect but the flight controller needs to know what way your plane is facing to calibrate things like stabilisation and moving control surfaces hopefully this makes sense it doesn't matter this item

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BG551587101 I lovee this drone it does exactly what it says and is easy to put to gather its got power full moters and has long range capabilitys it was easy to conecet my cross fire to it for even longer fly times if your looking for a good dron look no farther get this one you will not regret it

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Q: what is the range of remote

Asked by BG563942259 on 2020-07-24 10:08:42

BG535461171 Normal range in CE Mode (Europe) is 0,7km . In FCC Mode (Notheern America) the range is about 4km. But there are second part Antennas on the market which have higher gain and give you more penetration and range of course.

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Q: can you use it without the goggles

Asked by fireforce on 2020-07-25 06:43:56

BG535461171 Yes you can but you need the airunit of DJI where is the receiver installed.

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BG535461171 So after the the first euphoric statement i want to add some Details: SO after al I can only suggest that this Kit is NOT for people who do not have the time and knowlege to build it. I finished mine but including 3D print for housing I need a couple of time to finish it. In summary i cannot recomment for custumers who are not 10% enthusiastic in building. Otherwise it makes no sence to buy.

BG535461171 29/04/2021
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BG535461171 This FC has an 10 Volt output on the board so you need only the normal 5v connection from your esc.

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