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Q: What is the size of the screws that come with these motors?

Asked by CJBtha on 2017-11-10 05:35:26

BG351738321 The motors have been sold out currently. Here's to a Great Day.

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Q: Where can I get CW props to use with these for my quadcopter?

Asked by CJBtha on 2018-02-06 07:52:51

GreenscOOps search "6030 props" look for Gemfan 2 pair props for a quad, cw and ccw

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CJBtha 31/03/2018
For 30-ish USD, this glorified battery checker reads cell voltages differently (inaccurately) for each battery cell. I use it with one battery pack and it's 100 percent accurate. I then plug in a different battery and It shows that the voltage is too high by 0.005 volts on one cell despite it being balanced down to the one thousandth of a volt (0.0000) manually for testing purposes. I plugged in a third cell and it showed the voltage was too low by 0.006v on one cell despite also being balanced down to a one thousandth of a volt... and to add insult to injury, it frequently changes the value when I plug the battery out and plug it back in too. I might have gotten a dud, but if not, for a product that's supposed to BALANCE CELLS, it's... just horrible. It "works", so I probably can not get a refund, but even after calibrating it with professionally calibrated tools, this checker is just... don't get it if you want to "balance" your cells worse than your normal balance charger already does (My balance charger balances to within 0.003v of each cell which is SO much better than the 0.007 over or under the isdt balancer does. The only thing I can use it for is it's USB port to charge my phone. that's it. It is strange because people recommended the ISDT BG-8s to me under the pretense that it would balance my cells MUCH better than my charger does (and since I can not balance them manually every time, it takes too long) But in reality, it really just threw my batteries far out of balance. Banggood has been a great seller to me so I do not blame them, I love banggood, but I really dislike this product.
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