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Temp0rel you will have to reset your system by going to the settings and in the preference tab of the device option reset the system ... After that it should work better .. watch the apps you install

2021-12-20 03:50:33 Helpful (0)
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Q: 10/100 wired networking? In 2021? Sorry no sale.

Asked by SmooveG on 2021-09-24 03:05:06

Temp0rel I do not understand your question but I can tell you that in the back there is a network connection for a roteur and a built-in wi-fi

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Q: so we have dolby atmos?

Asked by Vijay Ananth So-called Gilli on 2021-03-27 04:11:57

Temp0rel I do not know but the sound is very good, good tv box for the price

2021-03-27 05:06:50 Helpful (0)
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