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Q: When are you expected to have stock of analog with ELRS module?

Asked by d3s7ro13r on 2022-02-15 01:53:29

FPVA Update: Thu 2023-01-12 9:29 AM All of the best for the new year! Just a quick followup on the production of Crux35 analog elrs craft, do you perhaps have ETA?Happymodel: maybe need to wait around the middle of Feb

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Q: faudra t'il le programmer sur betaflight ou c'est déjà fais

Asked by BG563314394 on 2022-11-02 06:03:35

FPVA Il est préconfiguré avec un réglage d'usine. Tant que votre module ELRS ou votre radio avec ELRS intégré a la même version du micrologiciel, vous devriez pouvoir simplement le lier et voler, mais n'oubliez pas de vérifier que vos commutateurs sont correctement configurés dans l'onglet Modes ainsi que de le vérifier sur l'onglet RC dans Betaflight. Hope this helps (Google Translated)

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FPVA Weare trying too but the shipping date keeps moving up... been waiting 19 days already, sure other people have been waiting longer.

OzzieRC 03/11/2022
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THXkid Yeppers they could for about $400 bucks like the newer version that just came out of the other model design they sell here, gut this one and put in your own electroics, I took a brushed helo made it brushless and wrapped a huey scale body around mine, then again it was a 200mm scale model

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Q: will it fit on mobula7 frame?

Asked by TanyaHatdog on 2022-06-04 12:37:04

FPVA Not natively no, you'll have to have a 3d printed adaptor of some sort, plus I doubt if this will run on 1s, should be ok on 2s but in my opinion its made for 3-4s twigs and that's where this shines.

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Q: Can I use 40a ESC to 4s 2750k ?

Asked by JulesEarl on 2022-04-09 08:15:55

FPVA My understanding is that ESC is the limiting factor - you could fly this on 40A ESC, would be beneficial to run it on 45-55A ESC

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Q: Этот пульт можно прошить на erls?

Asked by BG515218541 on 2022-03-24 08:30:02

FPVA Nothe internal module cannot be flashed to elrs but you can add a Happymodel external elrs module

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