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SmallAxeBigTree It is, but beware of Frsky's flashing EU or non-EU process. Radiomaster has an Rx of similar size and easier to bind.

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Q: Can you use 5048 props with the tyro 109?

Asked by Tbone6966 on 2020-05-20 02:02:13

TROYJULIANDONAHUE yes 5inch propellers are what is recommended with tyro109, It is all about what you want as a pilot- do you want more speed or do you want more control. also if you can spend the money I would recommend trying all different kind of props that will physically fit on your quad- more or less blades, fat blades,skinny blades,etc and you will find not only the one that fits your flying style the best but also will find the most efficient props as well. I am still new to FPV but with channels like- DroneCampsRC,Sky Pilot,AndyRC,Nick Burns you can find pretty much all the info you need to get you flying safe and fun

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Q: Will fitting these parts invalidate the radio's standard warranty?

Asked by humanseeing on 2021-01-17 12:03:38

Tbone6966 Anytime you open the radio up, your warranty goes out the door... Yes it will but it's not hard to do and does look fantastic.

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Q: does it provides altitude hold and lother.

Asked by rajagan2002 on 2019-08-30 12:52:22

Tbone6966 Altitude hold is if you have Inav, not betaflight.

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Q: I can use a 4S 850mAh lipo?

Asked by juanjo25.escoba on 2020-01-03 12:20:52

Tbone6966 850 mAh is way low, 8 use a 2200mAh 5s and get 15 minutes easy flight time. You can use 850mAh but your flight time will be very short

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Tbone6966 I'm using a yawaa power 2200 mAh 5s and I'm getting close to 15 minutes no problem.

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Q: Does the included VTX support Smart audio / Tramp?

Asked by Ewiles18 on 2020-12-31 12:19:05

Tbone6966 Yes, it is possible by adding 1 wire to an open uart TX. There's several YouTube videos on how to... If your new to the tyro 129, it's a great choice.. Its a nice drone..

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