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y0y4y0 I love them. It is a strange sensation when you cover your ears (or even use the earplugs that come with it) and still hear everything super clear while you can also hear (without the earplugs, of course) everything around you. The battery is good, the product quality seems nice and the microphone is good enough (not one of the highlights). The only problem I see is the charging cable which is really specific to make this product waterproof. I haven't tested them underwater (only under the rain), to be honest, but I don't see any hole, so I am certain they would still perform perfectly fine. For Jim Thorpe, I would recommend to just test some. For the price, I would buy them, test and, if I didn't hear alright, I would just give them as a present to a friend. It's not the first product I buy from BlitzWolf, and I start to see a trend that I like: good performance, very nice finished product and still a cheap price.

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BG857001512 Nagyon profi minőségű termékek.

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