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Jase 12/01/2018
I've bought several of these. Mpu6000 gyro, 8k/8k/16k, and dynamic filtering. These whoop flight controllers are amazingly locked in! It obviously has an osd as well, however I'm not going to rave about that too much, as I don't tend to put too much value in an osd on a whoop fc. Let's be honest people, it's a tiny whoop. 2-3 min timer on your tx is all that's required. Everything else is just trinkets, that eat up cpu% that your fc could be using to control your pid loops better... To be honest, I didn't switch to these flight controllers because of the osd. I switched to them because of the more stable mpu6000 gyro... If the osd is your main focus with this fc, I can tell you it functions just fine. It's a typical betaflight osd, with all the bells and whistles... Again, these sorts of things don't matter too much to me on a tiny whoop, but if you're interested in osd and telemetry; this fc also has functioning RSSI. It runs thru aux5, aka channel 9, and it displays nicely on the osd... Last comment about these new generation whoop flight controllers: Most of the new whoop flight controllers, including this one are coming with 10A N-channel type FETs. These N-channel FETs tend to function poorly with the smaller 6mm whoop motors, with 4k motor timing. They are much better suited to the larger 7mm and 8.5mm brushed motors... I run the majority of my whoops with 7×16mm motors, with 16k motor timing these days, so these flight controllers with the N-channel FETs are perfect for me. Just a friendly warning about running these FETs with smaller 6mm motors. They will NOT run as well as the larger motors. I know it seems strange that they would use FETs on a whoop fc that don't play as nice with 6mm motors, because 6mm motors have been the norm for whoops since day one. I assure you it's true... To be honest, you would do yourself a favor by switching all your whoops to 7x16mm motors anyway. They have more power and torque, and are a much more efficient motor. Equals more power, more flight time, and better motor life. 7mm motors don't get as hot... Do yourself a favor, and make the switch!
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