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nisim no problem . stampato su una stampante 3D . PLA + o PETG filamenti, non sono fragili a differenza di PLA semplice. File G-code preso dal sito

nisim 06/04/2021
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nisim p.s. after 1 month . So...I listened to BW-WA3 for a month, and I will say that the sound quality, bass, depth and saturation of BW-WA2 is noticeably better. my old WA2 has gone bad . And hooray BW-WA2 is back on sale. And I ordered BW-WA2 again. it even sounds better to me than JBL-5. And the BW-WA3 has a louder sound, but it's kind of dry. The sound power is 100 watts (which doesn't really correspond to the sound power, I don't know, maybe rgb LEDs consume another 30 watts. all together 100 watts?) it doesn't really matter to me, the main thing is the sound quality. The main speakers of the BW-WA3 have 6 ohms of 25 Watts each. This is the same as 16 watts of 4 ohms. The BW-WA2 has smaller speakers, but with an honest power of 2 x 10 watts and 4 ohms. and very successful soft passive lateral bass membranes . Thus, the BW-WA3 has only 1.5 times more power.

nisim 02/10/2021
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