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Q: Is this a 2inch propeller? I want it for hglrc kt20

Asked by Grve on 2022-07-21 02:53:10

BG175635381 63mm is 2.49 inches so no more mike 2.5inch

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BG505315046 the old, first version of the cinelog was sold with 1204, they updated the model with 1404

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time_cop This will work with any type of analog googles which having HDMI input. Cameras to use with it is thst for example: RunCam Shark Byte Nano HD 14 x14mm Digital FPV Camera.

2021-02-21 16:40:48 Helpful (1)
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orcymmot I ordered a set with two Vistas on 12th November and picked it up on 1st December in Germany at the post office. So yes, they really send these item as far as stock is available.

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Q: Can I connect separate 4/1 ESC if I want?

Asked by Grve on 2020-04-22 04:21:06

Kokken For more information visit

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