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Shipard Yes it does and you can remove the scream if you want to use it apart from the visor

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Q: Do I need the extra accesories?

Asked by BG570324017 on 2020-12-29 04:32:18

Shipard Strictly speaking no but I got the carry case and a landing pad and one extra battery to fill the second slot in the case. Always need that second battery.

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Q: why are a bunch of prices going up rather than on sale?

Asked by DUFOURfpv on 2020-12-01 09:52:43

Shipard Because they make more money that way

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Shipard No this one is joystick only I think it’s the Joshua Bardwell special edition that is uart control.

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Shipard I don’t know about the c rating being high enough perhaps it is ? But I have heard that on 3s they fly a long long time.will be very much a cruiser no mega punch outs. I have a 4s 5000mah and it flys for 15-20 min so with that you will probably get an hour but I’m just guessing. Hope this helps God bless and happy flying.

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Shipard hello does it have a hdmi input ?

Oli_FPV 21/04/2020
Love this monitor - I have also been using the "Little Pilot AR google" set which I will compare this new monitor two: The pros: - as previous model it has a very bright screen, I also use it in direct sunlight - I upgraded my monitor with 2 FOXEER Lollipop 3 antennas and now have great picture quality - all buttons are now on the side and on top - you can completely control it inside the Visor X googles - although its a little bit thicker it fits in the Visor X googles (tightly!) - it has now included battery, so you don't have to add lipo with cables - makes it very compact - you have now DVR built in - but with very limited quality (see cons) - Hawkeye improves quality with new firmwares - there were new ones for the Little Pilot 4 on 19.12.2019 / 18.01.2020 / 05.04.2020 - upgrade is quite easy and explained on their page The cons: - although the monitor in the Visor X googles you really have to push it down to see the whole screen, even if you pushed down you will not see full top of the monitor - the OSD of the monitor is cut off a little, but enough to see if you are recording or not and if voltage gets red (see my picture) - the DVR only records in half vertical resolution - so when watched on bigger screens it is quite blocky (720 x 248 60fps - see last pic) - creates corrupted files - you cannot play in most players, VLC works when index is repaired - creates new files after 109 MB, which is around 1min 10sec - so a 4minute flight will be 4 files - once you copy files from the card DVR won't write again on card - you have to format it in monitor to make it work again My tips: - upgrade the antennas for far better reception & picture quality - check for firmware updates on - use it together with the Visor X googles - its the best budget FPV solution (either you have from Little Pilot AR or buy XIMMERSE VISOR X separately) My wish to Hawkeye: Please upgrade DVR to full resolution with new firmware!
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Q: Theres no way to put a DJI air unit on this huh?

Asked by BG465723852 on 2020-09-28 10:48:04

Shipard Where there’s a will there’s a way

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Q: does fit to caddx 4k action cam?

Asked by Ecz Villesis on 2020-08-22 06:41:47

Shipard If it’s the same size as a runcam 5 orange then yes.

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Shipard ZOP 4s 60c 5000mah gets me about 15-20 min flight time cruising at about 40-50mph

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Shipard I have some and they really are very good at suppressing sound very good for extremely loud environments.

Sandor 20/04/2020
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