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Q: is this really 200lm or is it an error ?

Asked by NigLewes on 2022-02-23 08:04:51

aggalitsas This is a LEP torch. It will burn your retinas at close range and light up a one meter spotlight 1km away. Absolutely useless as a general use light, highly specific and dirt cheap for what it is. If you can't appreciate that, stay away.

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BG184853942 Youneed to know that batteries are not included. I have the product and bought te batteries fot

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aggalitsas Is it at least high CRI and more importantly, what is the maximum sustained level,ie for 20 minutes?

Wieselflinkpro 31/08/2023
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aggalitsas In this listing it comes included. There is a separate one that includes a tail light, but can't be certain of the remote.

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