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BG181724341 Itsnot the goggle that freezes. Its the signal that drops. In analog FPV the picture does not freeze, it gets some statics like in an old TV with bad reception...... FPV signal strength is determined by vTx output power, distance between pilot and drone,plane (25mW~300m, 200mW ~750m, ...), obstacles (power lines, buildings, trees (moisture!), the pilots head (body moisture), used antenna type, antenna gain, antennas compatibility (Linear,Patch,Circular Polarized (left vs right)), angle of antenna (blind spot), selected frequency (band,channel), other transmitters (other pilots nearby), ...., With these goggles two antennas can be attached. The receiver does not only choose the best signal (diversity) but also merges the good parts of each signal into one picture.Well and flying over people requires special permits in most countries as it requires skills, awareness, insurance and training. Your colleague seems to be not skilled enough to fly a $3000 drone near buildings or over people.

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