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BG493213541 07/11/2020
Important disclaimer: the mouse is actually 79g and aprox. 126mm in length (has very similar dimensions to the G PRO Wireless) The mouse is actually good at this price (I expected a more questionable quality), physically, the biggest problem for me are the feet, I am used to a more smooth glide, but they are good if you haven't used something really smooth (like 100% PTFE) before. The buttons are a bit harder to press than on my previous mice (which I actually like, since now I don't accidentally press the buttons when resting my fingers on the mouse), also there is quite a bit of pre-travel on the clicks but I didn't find them too annoying, the side buttons have a nice feedback to them and the DPI button is quite hard to press. The click latency seems to be similar to other more expensive mice (tested it in human benchmark test). I tested it in-game as well for half an hour and I would say that the sensor is pretty okay, haven't had real issues with it other than maybe it is not the most pin point accurate (so maybe if you are planning to play some CSGO or something where you need to be pixel perfect accurate this might frustrate you in certain scenarios). Other: Battery seems to be pretty efficient (I have the lighting off), but I only had it for a couple of days. Sides of the mouse are glossy but comfortable. Overall, I would say this is a good purchase at around 30$, especially if you will mainly use it for general computer use and other types of games besides shooters (even though it's not a terrible experience even in FPS-es, depends on the game). This is the software, also found on the amazon product page in the Q&A section, my windows defender didn't detect it as a virus but if you are very concerned about this I don't think you necessarily need the software to enjoy the mouse, it does provide however some additional customization for remapping buttons, macros, polling rate, DPI
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