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cyclebible 27/04/2020
This is an impressive drive. It wheelies on dirt. It drifts. It does donuts on command. The suspension absorbs the bumps. It is also super fast. I've not tried it on asphalt, but in my rather long backyard it cooks. Also, the spare tires, are real spare tires - something that proved useful to me, but more on that later. I chose the blue body which is hard to appreciate in the photos as it still has the protective film on it. More interesting is that Feiyue bolts through the protective film which makes it appear like the actual skin. Once removed the body has an amazing luster. Add a few stickers and this is a looker. The only thing that would have made me happier is a clear body, but I like panting them myself. Now for the part that people really need to know - what went wrong. I could not give this car five stars. It drives amazing, but could use some oil filled dampers. It launches in unbelievable form, but in the three times I've driven the car I've broken two universal joints on aluminum (not plastic) driveshafts. I've also had the wheels come apart at where the inner ring clamps the back of the rubber tire. Both times it was the right side rear and the inner ring was left hanging off of the rear axle. Thus the reason for needing a spare which also displayed this same tendency. In both cases I pressed the ring back on so no breakage - just a funny to story to tell about needing a spare tire on an RC car. The above in mind - would I buy it again - yes. I just would probably have purchased an extra driveshaft or two. That said, if anyone can recommend some super strong 65mm (compressed) rear driveshafts and some oil filled shocks I'm no the market.
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