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Q: It's OK for Crux3? Thanks.

Asked by Darhel on 2022-05-03 03:02:56

Isaiah_S Should work on Crux3, yes

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Q: is it compatible with ELRS HappyModel ?

Asked by SGarcia on 2022-08-02 11:27:00

Darhel HappyModel its a brand and ELRS its a standard. Please, be more concrete. This transmitter is 2.4 Ghz, so it will be compatible with any 2.4Ghz ELRS receivers, HappyModel and other brands too, if their receiver is 2.4Ghz.

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Darhel 01/08/2022
I can only compare the product with the Jumper T-Pro and TX16s. The Zorro sits incomparably more comfortably in my hands than the Jumper. The quality of literally everything is much better than the Jumper. It is much more comfortable to grip with the sticks than the Jumper. But it is much less comfortable to switch the toggle switches than the Jumper. It's much more comfortable to toggle switches on the Jumper. You can't press Disarm immediately, there are no handy switches under your fingers, you have to reach everything. Some toggle switches are impossible to change with a plucking grip, your fingers are not rotated properly. The screen, of course, is also better than on the Jumper, and the sound is better. The plastic itself is incomparably nicer. The equipment is really pleasant to hold in your hands. But the rear tumblers are a critical inconvenience for use. I'll say it again - there are problems only with the pinch grip. I can't control the plane with Zorro, it would be uncomfortable. But for a quadcopter, it's more like okay. If you control it with your thumbs, it's comfortable. The sticks are comfortable, nicer than on the Jumper. Although the size of the Zorro is larger, the Jumper's minimalism is a favorite. But that's almost the only plus of the Jumper, price and size. Oh, and the rear tumblers, of course. Otherwise, the Zorro is better. Compared to TX16s... Zorro is much more comfortable to hold than TX16S. Flew off two batteries - didn't even notice. With TX16s without the strap my hands would have dried off and fallen off in that time, for comfortable use TX16s strap is necessary, while for Zorro not necessary. But with TX16s I am much more comfortable to switch any toggle switches. Conclusion - Zorro is a very good piece of gear, I will definitely keep it second, I will sometimes switch between it and TX16s.
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Q: What's the brand of the receivers in the ELRS Starter Set?

Asked by Darhel on 2022-07-08 05:07:45

Basha You are better off getting the 4in1 then buying your own ELRS Module as the one sent with the unit is a lucky dip...

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