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Q: Which firmware upgrade?

Asked by Nuntapoom Suwanvaravikij on 2020-11-22 08:13:35

The seller No firmware for upgrading.

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Q: It can use 1 cell 18650 battery, 3000mah.

Asked by Nuntapoom Suwanvaravikij on 2020-10-22 04:21:21

Regnalbob235 not recommended

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Nuntapoom Suwanvaravikij For me Order products August 26, 2020. Recently, will send the product to me 15 Nov. 2020.

Daryl Ngai 17/10/2020
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Nuntapoom Suwanvaravikij Order from 25/08/20 The shop will send you 15/09/63. The time has been changed to 08/10/63, I don't know how to postpone. How long to go

Chordmerchant 11/09/2020
first off, let me say that this is a really nice model for the money. nice scale and decent fit and finish. Now for the bad. The left wing strut was dislodged and smashed upwards into the fuselage. a very easy repair, which I’ve already done. second and this one pisses me off! the engine cowling doesn’t begin to fit correctly. There is a 2 to 3 mm gap on the port side between the cowl and the main airframe. While investigating, I found a perfect thumb size dent at the. front of the cowl. while not immediately noticeable, it was a pretty good size dent. Before I saw the dent, I noticed that the decals were really wrinkled up at that spot. It was obvious that whomever was assembling this aircraft wasn’t able to get the cowling all the way on and used excessive force, hence putting that nice dent in the port side of the engine cowl. They should have (at that point) grabbed a new cowl and been done with it. This is what pisses me off! This “jag off” packaged and this aircraft out “ deliberately” knowing that it was damaged. Not cool, not cool, not cool!. I realize that Banggood is a distributor and not the manufacture of this product, but I wish there was a way that they could get these companies to do better quality control before these items are shipped out to the buyer. I heated up the foam and got it to decompress a bit, as well as straightening out the decal. the gap however, I will have to live with as the foam was incorrectly cut to begin with. too much material was remove on the back side leaving that ugly gap! maybe Banggood would be a pal and send me out a new on one? that would be awesome! M.S.
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Q: wat comes with plug and play version ?

Asked by Mad Mark on 2020-08-02 06:04:10

Nuntapoom Suwanvaravikij Order from 25 Aug 20 The shop will send you 15 Sept 20 The time has been changed to 08 Oct 20, I don't know how to postpone. How long to go

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