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LenzTech 27/12/2019
I ordered one of these on October 7, 2019. It took 9 weeks to arrive here in Ottawa Canada. Th at was not unexpected as large packages often take a very long time to arrive from China. The printer was purchased as a Christmas present and was opened on December 25th. Initial inspection revealed the printer was well packaged and was a high quality product with well cut and machine aluminum parts. There were two problems with the printer (1). It came with a European 220 volt plug and the power supply was set to 220 v (switchable 115/220). and then #(2). All documentation and software was provided on a USB stick and a SD card. Both were totally corrupted. Luckily, there are some excellent assembly videos on youtube and we were able to assemble the printer with only minor hickups. The filament out sensor cct was not explained and the wire connection was difficult to find. There is a pinout included here ( Conclusions. This appears to be a high quality printer but the idea that all software and documentation is shipped on erasable media is poorly thought out.Most (if not all) packages entering Canada, and I suspect most other countries, gets X-Rayed at the border... X-Rays destroy data on SD cards and USB sticks. These should at least be shipped in a foil pack to protect them. IMHO. Luckily we have access to CAD software that can export files usable by the printer. Others may not be so lucky - if that is the case you may find you have a very expensive door-stop.
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Q: Does this 3d printer come with eccentric nuts? For wheel tension adjustment.

Asked by Jivago Zampirolli on 2019-12-18 07:39:24

LenzTech I have purchased one of these - It does 'not' come with eccentric nuts for tension adjustment.

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