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Q: funziona con prese schuko o normali prese italiane?

Asked by BGelilazo on 2021-09-11 12:19:01

Sniff funciona em qualquer país. mas sempre em 220v. tem opção de 50hz ou 60hz

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Q: Se for taxado vcs devolve o dinheiro?

Asked by BG454854224 on 2021-09-07 06:30:10

Sniff menos o valor do frete, de ida e volta. utilize o seguro contra taxas. a taxa não é responsabilidade da loja e sim sua. é a lei.

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Q: Is that microphone really good?

Asked by SamedABS on 2021-08-19 06:59:46

Sniff N< serve para um podcaast ou para uma produ de v|W̻Ǽǻ

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Q: Does it have low sound volume issue on windows10?

Asked by zuludrag on 2021-08-11 03:40:37

Sniff baixo, mas pode ser tratado apP$0$D5

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JayBee The 60 of the RD6018 signifies a max Voltage of 60 Volts. The 18 of the RD6018 signifies a max Current at that voltage of 18Amps. You would need to buy a 1000-1200 WATT Power supply to reach those maximum Specs.

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