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Q: Does the HDMI can function as audio output? CEC?

Asked by ggrnstn on 2022-09-30 02:28:20

BG115317571 In the models for the Brazilian market, it has a different menu and there is an HDMI ARC option, on the EU it does not. In general, the model shown on YT (Brazil) has a completely different menu. Summing up Brazil Yes, the EU does not have ARC in HDMI. Why? I don't know, they look like two different devices, there is no IR sensor on the back in BR.

2022-10-09 02:11:01 Helpful (1)
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BG115317571@Kynval Nottoo noisy, something like silent laptop on work, mine V2 is about 34 db, 1 meter from fun in projector (back), measured by sonometr apk. on the Android.

BG421011749 27/09/2022
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