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Fabricole Inmy setup, it accomodates two 21 inch monitors, so I guess one 27 should be OK.

2021-12-26 03:51:02 Helpful (0)
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Q: it does support raspberry pi 4 B?

Asked by BG171235483 on 2021-08-17 07:52:02

Fabricole Asfar as I know, Raspberry pi does not have a SATA connector. So you need a USB to SATA adapter to be able to connect the SSD.

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Fabricole To program it, you need to install the Arduino IDE (free to download on Linux and Windows).

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Fabricole The settings I have in Arduino IDE is DOIT ESP32 DEVKIT V1 and it works flawlessly.

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BG111710045 01/06/2021
The printer has been delivered well before the expected date, i.e. nearly a week in advance. Very good ! The packaging is professional, the molded foam makes sure that all parts remain in place and are not damaged. The packaging list checks with the contents, a few goodies are also present: a mouse pad, and a tool to remove the print from the heated bed when it is finished. The only remark I have on the packaging is that the the two extruders are in a foam pocket with the screws left loose in the same pocket. No missing part, fortunately :) Assembling the printer is a matter of a couple of hours. Some challenge to fix the Z axis as one has to insert the screws from below without a good view. My first screw escaped into the body of the printer and I was nearly panicking not to be able to get it back, but I was OK with it at the end. The test print at the end with a colour gradient is very convincing. I could even check the 'end of filament' sensor as the small amount of filament in the box is not enough to complete the test print. As far as I can judge after a few hours print, I heartily recommend this printer. The quality of the test print is high and the colour mix is beautiful. The machine is a bit noisy when idle (the cooling fan of the power supply is quite noisy), but the moves during printing do not produce too much noise. I like the control panel for local printing from the SD card; I still need to do the tests from a PC or a raspberry with Octopi. Definitely satisfied with my purchase!
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