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linli1 Thanks for your advice, soon will have it on our website.

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Q: I need 4 pices but I can Oder 1 pice why

Asked by Sri93 on 2021-08-23 06:05:44

Pilu I don't quite understand your question, but I will do my best to answer. You want to buy 4 x pieces, BUY, what is the problem? Good idea to change all 4 in all 4 doors....

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Q: Does this light have a USB plug

Asked by BG111854316 on 2020-06-03 03:42:52

Pilu No ! You have to connect to any 12 V DC source. You are asking about a USB Plug, I think USB supply is 5V.

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Q: how long do the LED bulbs last?

Asked by willows on 2020-04-04 08:50:57

Pilu I have had this Light for 2-3 months, and it works great. Very Bright, Let it charge during the day, and it will do it's job at night. LED's --------- like any other FRAGILE things, If well respected, not bounced around, I think the bulbs should last a fair amount. ( I would buy it again )

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Pilu I use it indoors in the corridor, when I wake up at night. Then I charge it outside during the day. I think 26-36 feet is a bit too much, I would rely on about 15-17 feet. But let me tell you, the Light is excellent, very powerful, lights up the whole area....

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Yesterdaywas Maybe you can use the “contact us” to contact the banggood customer service team. Send the order number and a video or some pictures to show your problem.

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Pilu I also need to order these glasses. Is it possible to have -1.25 in right lense and -0.75 in left lense

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Pilu Ialso ordered this Item, the pressure is not very good, looks like the pump is small for the job it has to do ! Not very happy.

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Q: How do I mount switch to panel?

Asked by kerich on 2018-10-25 09:50:09

Pilu I would drill a slightly large size hole, push the switch through, and from the back, i would use Hot Glue Gun and stick it to the panel...

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