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jaminjimlp 22/06/2021
I must admit I was a bit skeptical about the low price for this phone and it really being any good... I figured that it would be cheap and slow but I will tell you that I loaded "PUBG Mobile" on the WP9 and cranked the graphics up to the highest settings in the game and the WP9 is smooth as butter this phone is worth Way beyond $162!!! now I want to give this one to my wife and get the WP10 because I believe that this company makes great phones now. One other thing worth noting is this phone is a little heavier than what I was used to with my Samsung Note 5 but I can say you barely run the battery down on this thing in a complete day, I used to have to put my Samsung back on charge if I was using it constantly for about an hour it would be around 40%. The WP9 didn't get past 50% as I used it all day long constantly as I was porting over all my apps and info with the screen on! It has amazing battery life! One other thing I would add is that the 16 megapixel camera is in 4:3 aspect ratio not 16:9 but that's okay it takes wonderful pictures... I really love this phone and I am truly a Oukitel customer for life now. I use straight talk here in the US with the AT&T towers and it picks up signal better than my Note 5 did. I'm very pleased with it though now that I know I can switch I may go ahead and put it on the Verizon towers because in my area where it is pretty rural there are some areas you can only get signal with Verizon towers. Also It would have been nice if this came with a holster, but that is not a problem... I used a REIKO case from an old phone I used a long time ago and picked up a new one at a local boost mobile store where I used to get service, so no worries about that. You won't be disipointed if you get this phone!
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Q: bom dia comprando este produto corro o Risco de ser taxado ?

Asked by Ésso Carvalho on 2019-04-10 08:32:02

jaminjimlp yep

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Q: how much C can it handle like in 45c on the battery

Asked by marliesdouwe on 2020-05-03 01:05:43

jaminjimlp if it is 80 amp ESC it can handle an 80c battery but it probably doesn't draw that much power or the ESC would not work very long

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