goudio The optical out signal from tv to transmitter transferres a digital signal to transmitter. If you don't have this connection and you have connect just the 3.5 mm jack, that means the transmitter will have to convert the analog signal it gets from tv (through the 3.5 mm output) to digital, and then send it to the headset. Having the optical fiber connected, the signal that the transmitter gets is already digital. The time period needed for the signal to be converted is reflected to what you hear at your headset. If you notice a delay between what you see at the screen of your tv set (an actor speaking for example) and what you hear at your headset, it would be propably because of that. When you want to use your headset with the transmited wirelessly, then, you have to do some things. 1. Turn on your transmitter. 2. Connect the 3.5 mm jack to your tv. 3. Disable any bluetooth transmission that comes from other devises, phones, tablets etc. 4. Connect your headset to the transmitter.

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